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SAF's Alan Gottlieb debate VPC's Josh Sugarman on ESPN

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For over 30 years, Gun Week has been the independent, nationwide voice of America’s most concerned, active and committed gunowners. When new legislation on the state, local or federal scene is being proposed, amended, or voted upon, things happen fast. And you’ll read about it first in Gun Week, seldom in your local newspaper, or in news weekly magazines, and usually not on television or radio. If you really want to know what’s happening that’s important to the right to keep and bear arms, you need Gun Week. The New York Post called us, “The newspaper of the gun lobby” and we take that as a compliment! We continue to be the fastest news source in the firearms field. We provide vital up-to-date information on legislation, regulation, the firearms industry and important court cases. We review new products, and provide a weekly gun show calendar. $2 per issue on newsstands.

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