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Second Amendment Law Library

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Firearms Civil Rights

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St. Gabriel Possenti Society

Gun Related
Second Amendment Law Library
Make a Call for Freedom to Support CCRKBA
Women’s Firearm Network
AWARE (Arming Women Against Rape and Endangerment)
NFA and Other Gun Law Related Info and Court Cases
U.S. Senate Report on Second Amendment as an Individual Right
Sources on the Second Amendment and Rights to Keep and Bear Arms in Key Documents, Court Cases & Constitutions
Testimony of Prof. Eugene Volokh on the Second Amendment, Senate Subcommittee on the Constitution, Sept. 23, 1998
The Second Amendment as Teaching Tool in Constitutional Law Classes
National Rifle Association
American Firearms Industry
Excalibur Enterprises
Recreational Software
Shooting World Cup
The Sportsmen’s Association for Firearms Education Inc. ( SAFE )
Bluegrass Armory
Utah Concealed Carry Permit Instructions
Gun Owners of New Hampshire
Guns and Public Health: Epidemic of Violence or Pandemic of Propaganda?


Firearms Civil Rights
The Second Amendment Foundation
Washington Arms Collectors
People’s Rights Organization
Kentucky Firearms Foundation
Kentucky Coalition to Carry Concealed, Inc.
Grass Roots South Carolina
Ohioans For Concealed Carry, Inc.
New Jersey Concealed Carry Page
Montana Shooting Sports Association
Missouri Concealed Carry Initiative Homepage
Second Amendment Coalition of Missouri
Western Missouri Shooters Alliance
Shooters’ Committee On Political Education (SCOPE-NY)
Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners
Gateway Civil Liberties Alliance

Second Amendment Yellow Pages
State RKBA Pages
Jeff Chan’s
rec.guns FAQ Server
Neal Knox’s Homepage
Firearms and Liberty Page
Guns and Rosies (O’Donnell)
Geoff’s Firearms and Freedom Page
National CCW Reciprocity Page
National Concealed Carry Incorporated[sic]
Mike’s Concealed Carry Cross-Reference Page
PAC-H.E.A.T./ARGO Online
Democrats for the Second Amendment
Firearms in Russia
Save the Guns


General Firearms
LAW Concealment Systems, Inc.
Shooting Ring List of over 150 websites
United States Practical Shooting Association
Fifty Caliber Shooters’ Association
Fifty Caliber Shooters’ Policy Institute
Firearms Firms Servicing Special Needs
The Shooting Show
Kramer Leatherworks
Ultimate Weapon Systems
The Machine Works
Rich’s Firearms Page
American Firearm Page
KelTec P11 Owners Home Page
Quality Cartridge
IRRIS – Automated Targets for Ranges
My Gun Room

Federal Government Legislation provided by the Thomas Server at the library of Congress
Department of the Treasury, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF)
Federal Courts Finder – U.S. Supreme Court/Appeals Courts/District Courts
National Archives and Records Administration
C-SPAN On-Line
U.S. House of Representatives Home Page
Write YOUR U.S. Representative!
U.S. Senate Home Page
Write YOUR U.S. Senators!


Miscellaneous RKBA
Gun Owners Action League (GOAL)
Merril Press
Palladium Press
The Sportsman’s Guide
Thierry Duguet, Engraver
Northwest Security Products
The Conservative Town Hall Meeting
Evan Marshall’s Stopping Power HomePage
Various Ethical, Legal, and Political sites on the Internet
SouthEastern Legal Foundation
Constitution Society
National Center for Policy Analysis
Gun Legislation
Independent Institute

The Independent Review: A Journal of Political Economy
LibertyTree: Review and Catalogue
Cadco Firearms
T. Markus Funk Home Page
Gunsite Training Center
Dallas Arms Collectors Assoc., Inc.
Old Arms Reloading
Action Concealment Company
International Wildgame Recipes
Dr. Edgar Suter


Firearms Manufacturers
ADCO International
Beomat AB
GOEX, Inc.
Harris Publications, Inc.
Norma Precision AB
Norma Precision Loading Data Manual
Precision Shooting Magazine

Search Engines