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SAF's Alan Gottlieb on MSNBC's Hardball

Women & Guns

If it matters to America’s women gunowners, it’s in Women & Guns, the only magazine of its kind in the world. 2014 marks the 25th year of its publication.

Written and edited by women, for women, the emphasis is on self-defense and personal protection, including real life encounters, with a large dose of recreational shooting, too. We also include role-model women gunowner profiles, personal protection tips, product reviews, and a useful legal column!

Women & Guns isn’t just another gun magazine. We deal with issues differently, practically. A lot of men like it, too. We don’t get bogged down in excessively technical jargon. Instead we tell you what you need to know, whether a product or technique is really useful or not. If something is supposed to be childproof, we turn some imaginative kids loose on it, and report the results honestly.

To help support Women & Guns, receive a copy of the current issue or subscribe, please call 425-454-7012.

Visit the Women & Guns website at for more information.

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